domingo, 23 de dezembro de 2012




    Unlike every word I ever said was, that was the most cruel and liberating already been told ever, all the suffering and disillusionment were leaving, but all the hopes and dreams too. For all that time if all what was said and seen nothing but the gray area, nothing was black or white, no more, everything was stuck on a pure point of insignificance. The fog that covered the horizon out there was life in a state of transition, the clouds would pass and show the sunrise or the storm could reach once and then show the true face of the whole. That was the real moment, and all we wanted was Eduardo have been more honest with everyone, he would have been altruistic but it was not his nature, never was, even though he tries to be everything he wanted he would have to achieving and at times it was just dropped by egoism, he knew he had been selfishness and nothing else, even if others think the contrary he knew the truth of his actions, it was what it was and that's not going to change, ever dumb even when he himself thought to have changed. And in the end all what was left was his own loneliness which he had created, was the best way to finish what he had begun.
    The road ahead was long, too long however he was not afraid, that was his destiny and he would do nothing to change it.

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